Overseas Job Loan

Customers having sufficient net cash flow to deposit the installments regularly of the following segment:

Customer Segment:

Person having valid Job Offer/Akama/Green Card/Business Visa/ Resident Visa/Work Permit Visa. Person moving overseas for on the job training with subsequent Job Prospect. Person having business overseas evidenced by business documents.


  • Travel expenses, marital expenses, Educational expenses, Festival expenses, Home construction, House renovation, Land purchase, Transport purchase, Office equipment, Professional equipment purchase, office space purchase, shop space purchase, Office decoration, Household durables/equipments/electronics purchase.

Nationality & Age Limit:

  • Bangladeshi by birth.
  • Minimum age 25 years / Maximum age 57 years.
  • But loan tenor shall not exceed 62 years of age.

Minimum Income:

  • Net Income should be at least Tk. 50,000/- per month. (To be substantiated by evidence)

Loan Size:

  • Minimum 2.00 Lac Maximum Tk. 50.00 Lac

Maximum Term of Loan:

  • 5 years.

Rate of Interest:

  • As determined by the bank from to time.

Security/ Collateral:

  • Registered mortgage/ registration of fixed asset in the name of the bank having value of at least two times the loan applied for.
  • Lien of financial asset having value of at least equivalent to the loan amount.
  • Personal Guarantee of the applicant & applicant’s spouse.
  • Third party Guarantor shall be equal to or more creditworthy than the principal applicant.