Offers for importers

Various supports that JBL offers for importers are as follows:

Import Support: JBL Corporate Banking extends all out supports to Importers by allowing Irrevocable Letter of Credit both sight and deferred term basis advising and even confirming the same through its wider correspondent network.

Post Import Finance:

  • Loan against Trust Receipt popularly known as LTR is allowed as post import working capital finance for a period of mainly 45 days to 90 days for trading and 90 days to 180 days for manufacturing houses. This is a preferred mode of finance since it is a short-term facility.
  • Time Loan is allowed in very special cases considering the creditworthiness, reputation and/or security position of the customer for supporting a part of duty structure against high volume imported consignment.

Loan against Imported Merchandise known as LIM is offered for those business houses which cannot offer adequate/requisite collateral security. In that case, the bank allows LIM as post import finance. Goods imported are stored in the godown under lock & key of the bank. Customers release goods through Delivery Order (DO) by making proportionate payment against goods.