JBL offers to Contractors/Suppliers

Various supports that JBL offers to Contractors/Suppliers are as follows:

  • Bid Bond is allowed for helping Contractors/Suppliers for participating in different Tenders.
  • Overdraft (Pay Order) is allowed where Contractors/Suppliers are required to submit Pay Order in lieu of  Bid Bond. JBL extends 90% finance in the form of Overdraft after depositing 10% cash margin by the Contractors/Suppliers for issuance of the Pay Order.
  • Performance Guarantee (PG) is allowed for ensuring Contractors’ /Suppliers’ performance of the Contract. 
  • Advance Payment Guarantee (APG) is allowed for helping Contractors’ /Suppliers’ receipt of advance against the work from the Employer/Work Order awarding Agency. 
  • Overdraft (Work Order) is allowed as working capital for smooth execution of the work under a specific Work Order against assignment of entire bills under the Work Order. Finance is allowed for any construction work up to 20-30% of Work Order value, which is  disbursed in phases based on satisfactory progress of work and for any Supply Order up to 60-70% of Supply Order value.
  • Security Bond (Payment Guarantee) is allowed in favor of various utility providing authorities, customers, shipping agents, Airlines, AITA, or any other purpose as per requirement within the purview of regulatory rules & regulations.
  • JBL also provides Guarantee against Counter Guarantee of any good rated foreign bank.