Jamuna Bonik

Now our SME clients are being involved in foreign trade, their network has been expanded throughout the world. To facilitate the foreign trade transactions of the SME clients, Jamuna Bank is offering a product named ‘Jamuna Bonik’.

Jamuna Chalantika

To operate your business with extra ease, term loan is not always the only solution. Keeping this capital requirement for your business, Jamuna Bank is offering a package of working capital solution [50% term loan & 50% revolving credit (cash credit) faci

Jamuna Green

To save our beloved earth from the disaster of Green House Effect, Jamuna Bank is offering ECO friendly product ‘Jamuna Green’. Under this product, you can get finance for ETP plants in different sectors, Eco friendly vehicles, Eco friendly fields (re

Jamuna Jantrik

When any SME client wants to puchase any machine or vehicle for business, Jamuna Bank is there with the offer of ‘Jamuna Jantrik’ thorugh which the client can get a lease finance facility.

Jamuna Nari Uddogh

About fifty percent of our total population is women and many of them have succeeded as a business entrepreneur. To give our incomparable ladies some extra ease and to help them to get financial freedom, Jamuna Bank Ltd. is offering a product ‘Jamuna Na

Jamuna NGO Shohojogi

From the very beginning, one of the goals of Jamuna Bank Ltd. is to provide services to the under privileged people of remote areas. Keeping that idea in mind, the Jamuna Bank Ltd. has come forward with a product for SME customers named ‘Jamuna NGO Shoh

Jamuna Shachchondo

Who does not want ‘Shachchondo’ in life? For the financial ease in your business, Jamuna Bank is offering ‘Jamuna Shachchondo’ product through which you can enjoy both overdraft and term loan facilities.

Jamuna Sommriddhi

Can you emagine – Jamuna Bank is offering you four times loan facility against your encashable securities like FDR !!!!! To avoid encashment of your long held savings - Jamuna Bank is with you with this amazing product ‘Jamuna Sommriddhi’. Suppose,

Jamuna Swabolombi

As an entrepreneur, definitely you need working capital to run your business smoothly. To get this working capital generally you need to keep some collateral security like land as mortgage to the Bank. But you do not have any landed property or any cash s