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Current Deposit

Access your money anytime and anywhere.

Current Deposit Account is meant for facilitating day to day transactions of different business entities, non profit organizations, Government, Semi Government, Autonomous bodies, Sector corporations and different other organizations/ institutions, club, societies, Trust etc. Opening of the account requires a minimum deposit of BDT5000. However, there is no minimum balance requirements and also no ledger fee. Only a half yearly service charge of Tk.500 and Government Excise Duty etc. are applicable.
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Reach Your
Current Deposit Goal With Us

Current Deposit Account facilitates

We help businesses and customers achieve more.

  • Free MICR cheque facility.

    We provide Free MICR cheque facility.

  • Deposit and Withdrawal

    Unlimited deposit and withdrawal.

  • Online Facilities

    Free online facilities across the branches.

  • Cash Management

    Cash management facilities under the prior arrangement.

  • Automated

    Automated clearing facility.

  • Electric Transfer

    Electric fund transfer without cheque.

  • SMS

    SMS Banking facility.

  • Internet Banking

    Internet Banking facility.

  • RTGS

    Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) facility