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Visa Prepaid Card

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Features & Benefits

  • Dual currency card Accepted at local and abroad.
  • E-commerce transaction facility with 3-D security.
  • It is a reloadable card
  • Transaction Alert

With a JAMUNA BANK VISA Prepaid Card, managing your money doesn't have to be complicated. This card is a type of payment card that you can load with money and use for purchases, bill payments, cash withdrawals, and other transactions. Load the amount of cash you want onto your card, and you're ready to spend. Make purchases online, pay bills quickly and easily, or shop at POS. JAMUNA BANK VISA Prepaid Card is available in either our local currency or US Dollars at all branches of Jamuna Bank. This is a dual currency prepaid card which can be used according to the Bangladesh travel quota entitlement for hassle-free and convenient trips abroad.



You don't need a bank account or a credit check to get a pre-paid card

You can avoid overdraft fees, interest charges, and late fees with a pre-paid card, as you are not borrowing money or using credit. You can also avoid some of the fees that come with a checking account.

Dual currency card Accepted at local and abroad.

It is a reloadable card & valid for a period of 05 (Five) years from the date of issue.

Can be reloaded at any Jamuna Bank’s cash counter and by fund transfer through NPSB/BEFTN channel.

E-commerce transaction facility with 3-D security.

Shop at millions of VISA merchant worldwide or at millions of online/e-commerce sites.

Boosting in Social Media/ YouTube etc. and other renowned E-commerce sites.

Sense of freedom and independence which comes with the power of the VISA brand.

Easily pay the International Examination/Certification/VISA/ Embassy Fee.

Conveniently can be used for payment of Treatment abroad.

EMV Chip & Green PIN enabled Prepaid Card.

Faster access to funds globally 24x7.

International and Local shopping.

Banking without any bank account.

Round the clock cash withdrawal facility worldwide at large VISA ATM network.

Absolutely free Cash withdrawal from any JAMUNA BANK ATM.

Online bill payment facility.

Absolutely free reloading.

Transaction Alert.




No Issuance Fee. (Initial deposit Tk.500/- will be added to Card’s balance)

No penal Interest charged on the money you spend.

No late fee charges.

No stress of carrying foreign currency.

Full cash withdrawal facility from VISA-Logo ATMs across the world.

Refund of unutilized fund through Account Transfer, ATM and BEFTN.

Free SMS alert for all transactions.

Limit will be as per Load Amount. Maximum limit is as per Bangladesh Bank guidelines issued from time to time which is $12,000 per annum currently.


Eligibility Criteria

Applicant should be a Bangladeshi National.

Minimum age 18 years.

NID/ Valid passport (for USD Transactions).


Required Document

Submission of online application form.

Passport Size Picture.

NID Copy.

Valid Passport Copy for USD Transactions.

Proof of Address/ Electricity/ Gas Bill Copy.

Applicant’s mobile number

Applicant’s Email Address


Refund Policy

The Card Holder can claim for refund of the un-utilized amount after travelling. Card holders can communicate with Card Division to submit the refund application. If Card Holder has a JAMUNA BANK account, the unused amount will transfer to his account directly or Card Division will issue a Pay Order/BEFTN to another Bank's Account in favor of the Card Holder. (Closing fee applicable).