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Visa Platinum Credit Card

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Features & Benefits

  • Highest Credit limit
  • Higher Cash Withdrawal Limit
  • 45 Days Interest Free Period
  • Insurance Cover for Death
  • 24/7 Banking Service

The Jamuna Bank PLC VISA Platinum Credit card simplifies your travel and eliminates the need to carry cash. Whether traveling on business or taking a holiday, just relax and let your Jamuna Bank PLC VISA Platinum Credit Card take care of your money matters. The Visa Platinum Credit Card is denominated both in Bangladeshi Taka and US Dollars, and you can also get one of these against your personal Resident Foreign Currency Deposit (RFCD) Account, Foreign Currency (FC) Account or your Exporter’s Retention Quota (ERQ) Account.

The international usage on your Credit Card is allowed against your annual Travel Quota (TQ) entitlement as per the prevailing Foreign Exchange Regulations. Your Supplementary Cardholder can also enjoy international usage facility against his/her Travel Quota (TQ) entitlement.

Top Features

Contactless NFC Technology

Make payments from your Visa Signature card without swiping and without typing the PIN up to BDT 5000 in single transaction as many as you want.

Highest Credit limit

Jamuna Bank PLC Platinum card holders are entitled for maximum credit limit up to BDT 10 lacs or USD 12,000.00 or collateralized limit of BDT 25,00,000.00 or as per guideline from Bangladesh Bank.

No Renewal Fee

Pay ZERO fees for the Renewal if you perform only 18 transactions in a year. So save money by using this card at millions of retail points around the country.

Worldwide Acceptance

It’s our pleasure to offer you Platinum card with dual currency facility. Available in BDT and US Dollar. You can use VISA Platinum credit card both locally and internationally. You can use your card worldwide for any kind of payment. Before you travel abroad you need to do dollar endorsement from nearest branch and get confirmation from them before leaving the country.

45 Days Interest Free Period

0% Interest offer for maximum 45 days and minimum 15 days from the day of purchase by the Visa Platinum Credit card.

Higher Cash Withdrawal Limit

You can enjoy higher ATM withdrawal limit each day which is 50% of available Credit limit through any ATM round the clock.

Complementary Access to Balaka Lounge

Jamuna Bank PLC has lounge facilities in BALAKA at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka.Just show your Jamuna Bank PLC Platinum Credit Card at Balaka lounge and get complimentary usage facility 24x7 up to 4 times a year. Make your waiting time at airport a pleasant one with Jamuna Bank PLC Platinum Card. *You can take a guest as complimentary along with supplementary user.

Priority Pass of Airport Lounge Program

Jamuna Bank PLC Platinum Cardholders are entitled for Priority Pass. Your Priority Pass membership is accepted in airport lounges at over 400 cities around the world. Priority Pass has partnered with over 600 exclusive VIP lounge locations across the globe. This makes it even easier to gain access to a quiet, restful place between flights and catch up on work or conversation. Like traditional airline-operated lounges, these partners provide complimentary foods, beverages and snacks and Internet access - away from the busy terminal. Conference rooms and computer terminals are also available at many locations.Cardholder needs to apply separately for Priority pass which is free of cost. Please visit or download the priority pass app from play store or app store for more information.

Insurance Cover for Death

Jamuna Bank PLC Visa Platinum card holders are entitled for accidental/normal Death. In case of death of the card holder then the entire outstanding balance will be waived, equal amount will be paid to the family of the cardholder (T&C apply).

100% of the Outstanding balance payable to Jamuna Bank PLC in case of death of the card holder;

100% of the Outstanding balance payable to the beneficiary of the cardholder in case of death.

Free Supplementary Card

Jamuna Bank PLC Visa Platinum card holders may apply for two additional supplementary card for family member to spend with a limit and it is free of cost for the first time.

Discount Offer

Jamuna Bank PLC Visa Platinum card comes with discount facility with our partner which include shops, restaurants, hospitals, travel agencies etc. You can enjoy up to 50% discount with your Jamuna Bank PLC Visa Platinum Credit card at these partner outlets.

Buy Now Pay Later, EasyPay /EMI Facility

With Jamuna Bank PLC EasyPay facility you can buy now and pay later with installment plan facility at our partner’s outlet around the country. This is absolutely a good site of money management where you will have option to clear your bill with or without interest from 3 months to 36 months. Now a day almost all brand retail chain, Grocery, Clothes, jewelers shop and many service oriented companies are keeping Easy pay EMI facility for customer. Jamuna Bank PLC has easypay contract with over 100 leading merchants and continuously increasing its EasyPay/EMI partner.

EasyPay Cash Loan /EMI Facility on unused balance

Take loan with easy installment facility up to 36 months from your unused credit balance.You can do pay order or transfer to other bank through BEFTN with installment facility. Customer can pay off their overdue balance with EMI payment and also can take loan from credit card’s available fund with EMI facility of only 11.99% interest rate.

Fund Transfer

If you need emergency cash you can transfer your Jamuna Bank PLC Visa Platinum card’s balance to your Jamuna Bank PLC regular current or savings account any time and withdraw the cash. Customer can transfer money from their available fund to any bank account through BEFTN or transfer fund to any Jamuna Bank PLC account or Bkash account anytine instantly using Shadhin Digital Banking app.You can also make Jamuna Bank PLC to other bank account transfer through BEFTN or issue pay order from the unutilized balance of your credit card (Interest may apply).

Flexible Payment Option

Customer can pay any amount from minimum to full balance by using our Shadhin Digital Banking app online transfer facility, auto debit option from your Jamuna Bank PLC account or from other bank account, cash payment at Jamuna Bank PLC branch etc way.

Easy & Safe E Commerce Shopping

Now a day’s E Commerce shopping is getting very popular. To facilitate our Platinum card holder we have made online shopping experiences easy and reliable. With Jamuna Bank PLC Platinum card you are able to do online shopping as many times as you want. We have made these facilities fear free for our valuable clients which is safe and secure through OTP (one-time password) system.

Reward Points for Cash Back or Free Gift Voucher

Enjoy 1 reward point with every BDT 50 spending from your credit card and enjoy 1 reward point with every USD 1. Triple or five time reward points earning for spending on selected merchants shop which will be upgraded time to time.You may have cash back against your reward points or you may enjoy Free Gift Voucher of our partner outlets around the country by redeeming reward points.

Lost or Stolen Protection

If incase customer lose their cards then immediately need to inform card division through 24/7 contact center or dialCall Center: 16742(Local), +8809610005678 (Overseas).Your money will be protected from the time you inform bank and bank will bear the financial liability if there is any transaction made by your card from the time you inform bank. Within next 7 working days your replacement card will get ready for collection.

Shadhin Digital Banking app

Your bank account/credit card’s all information or transaction is just one click away through your Jamuna Bank PLC Shadhin Digital Banking app. You can control your account from your mobile. You can see all your transactions, can do balance transfer to bank account, mobile top up etc. You can add money to your Jamuna Bank PLC account from your credit card in a minute any time. Shadhin Digital Banking app available at playstore / appstore.

24/7 Banking Service

Because we all lead busy lives, we’ve made it easy for you to access your account whenever it suits you, through our online banking or our mobile banking app. Alternatively just dialCall Center: 16742(Local), +8809610005678 (Overseas), available 24 hours a day. You can also mail us at ([email protected]).


Minimum age 20 years old.

Bangladeshi Citizen or a foreigner who has been a permanent resident of the Bangladesh for the last two (2) years.