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Visa Debit Card

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Features & Benefits

  • JBL Visa Debit Card
  • Utility bill payment
  • 24/7 Banking Service

JBL Visa Debit Card

Jamuna Bank’s one of the exclusive products is its VISA Debit Card which is smart looking, popular, user friendly and make account holder’s finance easy and simple to handle. In Bangladesh, Jamuna Bank is the first line bank to issue EMV Debit cards. EMV is the most advanced technology for secure payment. Jamuna Bank currently availing 305 ATM around the country and continuously increasing the numbers.

Main Features

This Debit Card comes with Protection Plus insurance coverage.See below FAQ for details.

This Debit Card comes with all* BDT Savings, Current, Short Term Deposit (SND) account.

Shop and Dine at thousands of Merchants. This card is valid only in Bangladesh.

You can access all of your JBL accounts* by one JBL VISA Debit Card.

There is no interest related charges for using the JBL VISA Debit Card.

Split cash withdrawal 5 times a day & maximum withdrawal Limit is BDT 1,00,000/- in a day.

24/7 Cash withdrawal facility from JBL large ATM network including non-branch ATM, any Q-Cash and any VISA ATM across the Country.

Utility bill payment, Mobile re charge, Bkash transafer, BEFTN fund transfer etc facility through Just Pay app.

Free balance enquiry, mini statement and PIN change.

How to apply

If you have a savings, current or SND account with Jamuna Bank then you are eligible to avail a Visa Debit Card. Just pop in any Jamuna Bank PLC branch, fill the application form and submit. You will get the card shortly at your designated Branch.



Visa Debit Card

Annual Fee

BDT 434

Card Replacement Fee

BDT 434

Captured Card Replacement Fee

BDT 200

Cash Withdrawal Fee

Jamuna Bank ATM - Free

Q-Cash ATM - BDT 10


ATM Cash Withdrawal Limit

BDT 20,000 (per transaction)

BDT 100,000 (Per Day)

* 15% VAT is applicable for all charges



Q) What is Debit Card?

Debit card is a payment card that deducts money directly from a customer’s checking account to pay for a purchase. Debit cards eliminate the need to carrying physical cash. One can withdraw cash from ATMs using the Debit Card linked to his/her accounts.

Q)How can I get a JBL Debit Card?

You can apply for JBL Debit card when opening a new account or by visiting the nearest JBL branch.


Q) What is the activation procedure of Debit Card?

Simply sign the acknowledgement letter when you collect the Debit card & PIN from JBL branch and give it to same branch. Within 24 hours (excluding weekends & Govt’ holiday) your card will be activated.


Q)Where to change the PIN number before first time use of Debit Card?

You must need to change your pin number before you try to make your first transaction from a JBL ATM booth.


Q) What is the procedure to change the PIN number of your Card?

To change the PIN, follow the bellow procedure:

Go to JBL ATM booth > Insert Debit Card > Type your PIN > Type 04 digits new PIN > Again type same 04 digit PIN > PIN change successfully done.


Q) What is the procedure to link 02 (two) or more account in 01 (One) Debit Card?

You need to apply at JBL branch/Card Division for this facility. Up to 4 accounts can be linked with one Debit card.


Tips for Usage of Debit Card:

Card Activation

After receiving the card, sign the acknowledgement slip and send it to any branch of Jamuna Bank PLC or call Card Division for activation.

Put your signature on the signature panel at the back of your card.

Caution during making transactions at merchant point:

Please do not let your card be taken out of your sight at any merchant outlet to prevent possible Misuse

After using your card at a merchant outlet, please ensure that the card returned to you is yours

Before signing the Sales Slip check at the amount charged

Retain your copy of the Sales Slip of all transactions until they appear in your Card Account Statement for your future reference

PIN Maintenance

Destroy the PIN mailer after memorizing your PIN

Do not write the PIN on the card, Do not keep the PIN inside your wallet

Change the PIN whenever you want.

For Lost/Stolen Card

If the card is lost or stolen, simply call Jamuna Bank’s Help Desk at Call Center: 16742(Local), +8809610005678 (Overseas)..


How Protection plus insurance work for Debit Cards?


Protection Plus is an insurance solution of Limited for the valued Account holders, which protects you & your family from any unforeseen consequences due to loss of your life or medical emergency. Jamuna Bank has partnered with Jamuna Life Insurance, one of the leading life Insurance Organization in Bangladesh, to deliver these benefits



An Active Account holder of Jamna Bank PLC

Aged between 18-59 years at enrolment, coverage shall continue up to the age of 60 years

In good health and activity at work at the time of enrolment and a resident of Bangladesh

Transaction Amount (TK)

Benefits (TK)

Less Than 500

No Coverage









More than 7500