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Mr. Kanutosh Majumder


Mr. Kanutosh Majumder was born in 1940 in a respectable family of district Noakhali. He got his graduation and post-graduation from University of Dhaka in 1962. His educational discipline was commerce. After graduation he worked in different educational institutions in Dhaka and joined his owned business 1970. In 1981 he along with his friends established a construction company named New Generation Construction Co. Ltd. and it worked for infrastructure development with different agencies in Bangladesh. He was one of the sponsor directors of Federal Insurance Co. Ltd. in 1987. Presently, he is the chairman of NGC Construction Ltd. He is one of the Directors of Jamuna Bank PLC. He served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jamuna Bank PLC. from April 29, 2013 to April 26, 2014.

He is the Director of Jamuna Bank Capital Management Limited, a subsidiary of Jamuna Bank PLC.

Mr. Majumder is a social worker and a philanthropist and organized many social institutions in Bangladesh.