Here we go. In a new avatar with a renewed spirit

Mr. Redwan-ul Karim Ansari


Mr. Redwan-ul Karim Ansari is an innovation driven entrepreneur with a diversified portfolio. He is the youngest son of Late Mr. Rezaul Karim Ansari, ex-chairman and director, Jamuna Bank PLC. Born in November 30, 1985, Mr. Redwan-ul Karim Ansari has had more than 10 years of experience in a variety of domains such as commercial, Company and competition law, risk management, process flow management and design, optimization and financial Information Technology and Open Banking.

Mr. Ansari obtained Bachelor of Law in Commercial Law from Westminster University, London in 2008-09. He completed his LLM in International Competition Law from City University of London in 2009-10. In 2010-11, He received his tutelage from the City University and was called to the bar at Lincoln’s Inn.

His career started as a practitioner of law. At the same time he worked in the family businesses to enhance his acumen in the field of international trade, negotiations and compliance. He has always been an avid visionary when it came to Information Technology and has developed practices around financial technology and modern banking services enabled via Open Banking. Currently, his company is the only company that leads the road that is leading the road to Banking 4.0 as an Open Banking enabler.

Mr. Redwan-ul Karim Ansari is actively involved in various industry and professional associations. He is a lifetime member of the prestigious Lincoln’s Inn society which is one of the four Inns of Court in the UK. He is also an active member of BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software & Information Services) and BCS (Bangladesh Computer Samity).