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Frequently Asked Questions

What does credit card mean?
A credit card is a way of borrowing that lets you buy things up to a pre-arranged limit and pay for them later, either in one go, or by installments. You can buy things in the same way you use your credit card, but the difference is that debit cards use money from your bank account, whereas spending on your credit card means borrowing money from your card provider. Every time you spend on the credit card, the amount will be added to the card’s balance. That’s the total amount you’ll owe. Credit card can be an expensive way of
Which type of credit cards are available in Jamuna Bank?
Answer: VISA Local Classic Card VISA Gold Card VISA Dual Gold Card VISA Platinum Card VISA Signature Card VISA ERQ Card VISA RFCD Card VISA Co-Brand Card
Does JBL have any dual currency credit card?
Yes! JBL offers different types of EMV VISA Credit Cards named VISA Dual Gold, VISA Platinum, VISA Signature Credit Card. These Cards are valid not only in Bangladesh but abroad as well. It can be used in local currency (BDT) within the country and foreign currency (USD) outside the country.
What is contactless credit card?
To experience cashless payments, Cardholders can pay by simply ‘tapping’ their Visa contactless credit card at contactless POS terminals. Cardholders will now feel safer to transact as they get to keep the card with themselves while making a payment transaction. These cards will be: i) faster, as the cardholder does not need to swipe or dip the card or enter the PIN, ii) safer, as the card remains in the cardholder’s hands while making a transaction, and iii) convenient, as the contactless cards are widely accepted across the world. The maximum amount that can be transacted by tapping the contactless
How can you get annual fee waived for your credit card?
Currently, if customer makes minimum 18 or more transaction with their credit card in a year before annual fee due date and inform the branch then annual card fee will be waived. Eligible cards should have no LPC or Overdue charges during the said tenure.
For lost, stolen reporting or card captured by ATM machine or to unblock your debit/credit card where to contact immediately?
Inform us immediately from registered mail id or call us. Our mail id: [email protected] ; call: 16742 or +8809610005678.
How do I collect my Credit Card & PIN number?
Your credit card and PIN will be sent to you at your mailing address given in your application form or at Branch if you applied through branch.
What are the necessary documents required to apply for a credit card?
Duly filled Credit Card Application form Salary Certificate (salaried) / Valid and Updated Trade License with previous one (self-employed) Partnership deed/Memorandum of Association/ RJSC Schedule-X/ Certificate of Incorporation (self-employed) Photocopy of updated e-TIN/TIN Certificate Latest Tax Return submission proof Copy of National ID/ Passport (Dual Currency) Photocopy of Office ID/Visiting Card Passport sized photograph (Studio Print) Latest Six months Bank statement
How can I get a Credit card from Jamuna Bank?
You can apply for our Credit Card by visiting the nearest branch. You can call JBL marketing team or fill quick online application from JBL website (link work in progress). Alternately, you can call 16742 or +8809610005678 and inform the call center that you are interested in applying for a credit card.
What is the eligibility for availing a Jamuna Bank Credit Card?
Any Bangladeshi National. For salaried person minimum gross fixed monthly income is BDT 30,000 For self-employed person minimum gross monthly income is BDT 30,000 Age: Minimum 18 years for primary card Minimum 18 years for supplementary card Maximum 65 years for any card. Note: Credit Card approval is subject to credit assessment.
Can I use credit card to purchase from online shop?
Yes. You can purchase from any online shop if they accept visa card. You will be able to pay any exam fees like IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT etc. You have to get your card’s E-commerce Transaction features opened before-hand for this purpose.
Can I use my JBL credit card abroad?
Yes of course! You have to ensure the dollar endorsement on your passport prior to your visit abroad.