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Branch Operations Unit

A lot of issues arise while running our day to day operations in the branches and sub-branches. Branch Operations unit provides support to branch officials in solving these issues. The division provides confirmation of lien of instruments (mainly FDRs & schemes) to lending branches of Jamuna Bank after obtaining it from instrument issuing branches of Jamuna Bank as well as of other banks. The division also processes and provides reconfirmation of lien of instruments to other banks lending to customers holding instruments at our bank after properly complying with the facility sanction letter.

Sometimes our branches face problems regarding installments of scheme deposits in the core banking software. Installments of the schemes are at times not deducted from the customer’s account due to human error or technical error. Some customers also request for premature encashment of the schemes and also try to negotiate the premature encashment interest rates. Banking Operation Division resolves these issues after conveying the same to the honorable Managing Director as well as concerned divisions, while protecting the bank’s interests in terms of profitability and reputation. The division also provides instructions to branches regarding nominee of deceased accounts, transfer of funds of dormant accounts to the central bank etc. Our bank plays a vital role in selling government savings certificates (Sanchaypatra) to the general public through our branches. Banking Operation Division collects and maintains the central database of all user ids of auhtorized entry users, approve users and premature encashment users with access to web portal of Strengthening Public Financial Management Program To Enable Service Deliver (SPFMS), Finance Division, Ministry of Finance. Sometimes legal issues arise that mainly consist of activities like tax evasion, money laundering, accumulation of wealth through unlawful practices etc. National Board of Revenue, DUDAK, Central Intelligence Cell, Customs Excise & VAT among others require account information of convicted perpetrators. Banking Operation Division obtains the requested information from branches and own sources and send to the requester. The division also processes requests for freezing of accounts of individuals under inspection by the National Board of Revenue by communicating with the branches and by issuing instruction circulars.

Branch Expansion Unit

Over the past couple of years, the number of business units of the bank increased to 167 branches, 110 sub-branches and 21 collection booths all over the country. Banking Operation Division conducts and prepares feasibility study report on the region for banking business, selects premises for establishing business unit, obtains approval of business from Bangladesh Bank and preserves the approvals under its custody. The division also facilitates relocation of busines units of the bank.

Customer Service & Complaint Management

Stakeholders often have complaints about diverse issues including settlements of LCs (local and foreign), mobile financial service related issues, HR related issues, disciplinary issues, card related issues, ATM related issues, scheme encashment related issues etc. among others. The division maintains a central complaint management cell for the bank and receives the complaints through the email [email protected]. After receiveing the complaint, the division contacts with the concerned branch or division and take neceassary action to resolve the matter. The division processes upto four hundred complaints in a year.

Financial Inclusion

Financial Inclusion is another major task of this division. The FI unit of the division works in coherence with instructions provided by Bangladesh Bank. In order to bring the unbanked population of the country under the umbrella of financial services, the division organizes various programs, seminars and conferences throughout the country. Recently, Jamuna Bank organized School Banking Conference in Gazipur district as the lead bank under direct supervision of Financial Inclusion Department of Bangladesh Bank. The division also organized several programs under financial inclusion for immigrants at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka.

Policy Guidance, Circular & Operational Agreements

Policy guidance, circular & operational agreements unit coordinates all kind of operational support and iuuance of Instruction, Information & Divisional circulars. Besies, execution and implementation of agreements with different corporate bodies. When a new policy or decision is undertaken by the management, the division takes measures to implement it and inform all concerned about it by issuing instruction or information circular. The division also looks after the service agreements and memorandum of understanding signing and renewal of agreements between Jamuna Bank and other public and private companies. The division also processes requests for fixation of interest rates of deposit accounts of corporate bodies.

Corporate Events Management

The division is also responsible for organizing corporate events for the bank. Corporate Events Management unit organize business conference, townhall meeting, managers’ conference, SMT meeting, corporate meeting, etc.

Organizing Senior Management Team (SMT) Meeting

Banking Operation Division is responsible for organizing the monthly meeting of the Senior Management Team of the bank. The SMT is chaired by the Managing Director and head of Banking Operation Division acts as the member secretary. The minutes of all the decisions taken in the meeting are conveyed to all divisional heads and status of implementation of the decisions taken are also monitored by the division.